Double Trouble! 9/11/12

As I posted on 8/31 a Limited Edition Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party SotMK Spell Card featuring Chip N’ Dale is going to be released.  Early speculation was that this card was going to available for purchase as LE Merchandise but that has since changed.  From what I have been told the card is going to be distributed at the Firehouse and a strict one card per person rule will be enforced.  A MNSSHP Event Ticket & Wristband will be required to obtain the card.  Although I was not given a photo of the card I do have these few details:

  • Animal Spell
  • Orange & Purple Color
  • Numbered 1 of 12
  • On the top of the card MNNSHP Appears

I also believe that the card’s animation will involve acorns or nuts, and I would imagine our favorite chipmunks will be wearing Halloween costumes as well.  This card is the first of a series of 12 that will be released at various special events/openings/promotions.  Other possibilities include, New Fantasyland Opening, Wreck It Ralph card complete with 8 Bit Graphics & Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.

I will be posting photos on the blog, Facebook page, & Twitter as soon as I have them!

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5 thoughts on “Double Trouble! 9/11/12

  1. And if all that is true (and I’m sure it is), in my mind the Disney star has just dimmed. It’s bad enough that non-locals can’t get any cards without eBay or local friends, but then Disney releases a “play-at-home” game… and only releases it locally. Now come the “limited release” cards, and even if you go to the park, you can’t get the card unless you pay for the extra event ticket. We wondered if Disney was upset about all the cards being sold on eBay? They just answered that with a resounding ‘heck no’, since that is the ONLY place to find SotMK items if you’re a non-local. “Trade” for a MNSSHP card at the park? Yeah right! Collectors will HAVE to buy it on eBay if they want it.

    • Well said. This card doesn’t freak me out just yet, since NSS has a long event run, but what happens when a card is passed out for a single day, a la New Fantasyland Opening? I guarantee you that had the game not been brand new at the time, we would have seen an exclusive card for One More Disney Day. It seems that complete sets might become impossible to obtain without an insane amount of time and/or money.

      It just seems to me like this possible new set of 12 wil have a completely new level of rarity, beyond even 61-70, and will only be accented if Disney doesn’t give forewarning to collectors about their release.

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