Oh Well… 9/19/12

Today marked another rare SotMK Booster Park sighting at the Emporium.  Even though the highly sought after merchandise was once again available, today’s batch was met with some disappointment.  But how can that be?!?  Shouldn’t we be over joyed and feel honored that we get to spend our hard-earned money?  It appears that in addition to this being the Emporium’s largest shipment received, the boosters were given a price increase of $2.  Bringing the new total to $13.95 w/o tax.  The 5 pack per person limit was again enforced and the boosters were only available behind the counter.  Your $13.95 still includes 7 seven spell cards one of which is a super-rare (61-70), home game rules, game board, card checklist & game tokens.

Like most of you, I am not pleased with the price increase.  However I do understand the concept of supply and demand, despite how unfortunate this may be.  To be perfectly honest I felt $11.95 was a tad much considering what poor quality the game tokens are.  Since they are such an integral piece to the SotMK home game I would of expected them to be of much better quality.  I’ve heard from most people that have attempted playing the relatively confusing home game have taped the tokens to coins as to make them easier to flip.  Enough about that, where do we stand now?  Can we expect a steady stock of boosters in the parks?  I don’t know, they sell out and they restock them as fast as they can.  As tough as it is try and be patient, they’ll eventually be available online and when that day comes everyone will have a crack at them.  Until then, it’s a mad dash to the Magic Kingdom.

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