Power Up! 10/2/12

Photo courtesy of The Disney Parks Blog

Today on the Disney Parks Blog it was revealed that 4 SotMK T-Shirts will be available for purchase later this month.  Not only do the shirts look awesome, according to Imagineer Jonathan Ackley “When guests wear one of these shirts while adventuring, their spells will hit with maximum force.”  That is pretty cool considering how useful that will be on the harder levels!  I am really looking forward to the release of these shirts and am even more excited and hopeful for more merchandise in the future!  Be sure to visit the link for more info on these shirts as Steven Miller wrote a wonderful post in anticipation of their release!

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4 thoughts on “Power Up! 10/2/12

  1. I wish they weren’t black. It’s way too hot most of the year to be running around in black.
    I do love the ladies Maleficent shirt though.

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