Reader Questions 10/11/12

Plenty of SotMK Power Up T-Shirts are available. These pictured were for sale at Sir Mickey’s in Fantasyland. $24.95 for Adults & $19.95 for Kids.

I’ve received a lot of emails as of late, and as much I would love to respond to each one I unfortunately just don’t have the time.  However I would like to touch on a few that I think would be the most beneficial to all SotMK fans.

When do SotMK Booster Packs come out? 

SotMK Booster Packs are arguably the hottest piece of Disney Parks merchandise at the moment.  Unfortunately there is no specific timelines or dates as to when they are in stock.  Instead of blistering poor CM’s at the Emporium my best advice to those inquiring is to follow us on Twitter as we post any and all info regarding the sale of Boosters there.

I am not local to WDW and don’t get to the parks often.  Is there anywhere I can trade with others in an online forum?

Yes, there certainly is!  I would recommend joining SotMK Helpers on Facebook.

We started playing on our last trip and I noticed we have some beta cards, should we sell them, keep them? Is it even worth trying to complete a set of betas?

It’s all about personal preference.  If you’re really into the collecting aspect hold on to them.  Of course its worth it to try to complete the set.  As hard as the beta cards are to find there are many people who would be more than willing to trade and help you complete your set.

Where do you get those spellbooks?

Let it be known I am not a fan of the trapper keeper.  If you’re going to create your own “Spellbook” I would recommend using Amazon and searching “4 pocket card album”.  They are perfect for SotMK.

When is hard mode coming back online?

As of right now only the medium level is active.  However it is still on a test basis, and I was told it could be turned off at anytime.

If you’re looking for more FAQ be sure to visit the Getting Started, Gameplay, & Tech Support tabs at the top of the page!

For real-time SotMK updates be sure to follow us on Twitter and join our Facebook Fan Page.  Also check out SotMK Helpers a Facebook group dedicated to helping Sorcerers everywhere!

2 thoughts on “Reader Questions 10/11/12

  1. In regards to the 4 card pocket album. i picked mine up at my local Walmart. Theres nothing fancy about it but it does make them easier to manage

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