New Keycards? Well Sort Of… 10/17/12

Thanks to Jeremy from SotMK Helpers for the heads up!

Although quantities have been limited, it seems that SotMK Booster Packs are being restocked at a much quicker pace.  Just this past week there had been several days in which the elusive merchandise had been available.  The price remains at $13.95 and they are currently only available at the Emporium with the (5) pack per guest per day rule still in effect.  It also appears there has been a change to the contents of the booster pack in regards to the keycard.  Since their release, each pack has included a keycard which was identical to the one used for the in park experience, minus the RFID chip of course.  Apparently this caused confusion among Sorcerers as many believed they could use their booster pack keycard to continue their quest.  This caused guests to complain to cast members as to why the card “they paid for” didn’t work.  To combat this the next few batches of boosters released included keycards with holes punched in them.  Well apparently that didn’t do the trick.  So they’ve added some color to the keycard as well as a little disclaimer.  While the reasoning behind these changes is not official, one can only make this assumption as why the changes were made.  Personally I am happy to see Disney take notice of the cast member feedback regarding the merchandise.  I am always on board for a smoother experience for both the cast and the guest.

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