Jingle Bells 11/04/12

Our friends over at WDWNT recently posted a map of Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party and it confirms that guests will indeed have the chance to receive an exclusive SotMK spell card.  But who is going to be featured?  Many have speculated Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, Scrooge, Stitch, and even Duffy.

From what I’ve been hearing it will feature none other than Wayne & Lanny from Disney’s Animated Television Special Prep & Landing.  I have been overhearing the possibility of this choice for quite sometime.  Now as much as I would have rather seen a classic animated character these guys do make the most sense.  Given the release of the Prep & Landing Vinylmation Set this past Friday and the upcoming DVD release on 11/6 how can we expect anything less than that quintessential Disney Synergy!

With November 9th being the first night of MVMCP I expect the distribution process to be exactly the same as it’s been at the Halloween Parties.  The card will be given out at the Firehouse with a Wristband & Party Ticket required no exceptions.  The cast of SotMK did a spectacular job distributing the MNSSHP card and I expect this go just as well if not better.  So kudos to those who held on to their extra Chip N’ Dale cards in hopes of making a trade for another event exclusive.  Your patience has paid off!

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5 thoughts on “Jingle Bells 11/04/12

  1. I was actually thinking it would of been Scrooge…. can’t wait to see what ‘kind’ of card Prep and Landing are…. my sister and I think Mystic

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