Booster Blues 1/15/13

With the Emporium’s stock of SotMK Booster Packs being readily available, Sorcerers are scooping them up left and right.  Even better news is that the packs have also been seen in Sir Mickeys.  I have yet to see them anywhere besides the Emporium and Sir Mickeys however I have heard from a source that hotel gift shops should have them available soon.  As wonderful as that is it appears there is some bad news that has come with this recent overload of stock.  There are several reports of Sorcerers purchasing Booster Packs only to find that the pack does not include a coveted 61-70 spell card.

smk227844SMALLAs you can see in the photo above the packaging it clearly states that one super rare card is included.  On the top it also reads “All Sales Final.  No Refunds.  Exchanges or returns.”  You’re probably asking, what if this happens to me?  What if my pack was tampered with by Hades?  Here’s my suggestion,  ask for a manager at the location you’ve purchased them at and explain the situation.  If that doesn’t get you anywhere calmly head to Guest Relations and go from there.  As for those who are purchasing them on the secondary market like eBay…  Buyer beware!

Good luck Sorcerers!

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2 thoughts on “Booster Blues 1/15/13

  1. So there are packs on the counter in emporium today and I asked management they said this was a new shipment and was qc’d before they put them out for sale. I had a couple of packs from the other day I was holding onto from said period, but hadnt made it back to the park they exchanged no questions asked.

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