Another Cast Member Card? 2/5/13

This may be the rarest of all!

This may be the rarest of all!

Shortly after SotMK made its debut there was about a one month period in which WDW Research Cast Members were conducting surveys about the attraction.  According to the anonymous message I received which contained this image, that person informed me that this card was given to them as a Thank You for their hard work in gathering the mass amounts of guest feedback.  Just like the original over sized Cast Member Card this is not effective in the game itself and is simply a memento for cast members only.  I don’t think anyone will be adding this one to their collection anytime soon!

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8 thoughts on “Another Cast Member Card? 2/5/13

  1. This is not even a real card, it was a cheaply photoshopped ‘card’ given to the research team. It is not even a card, I got mine on a 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper. Hardly worth mentioning as a card, bc it was made at the cube next to me in my office as a joke. It’s as real as one you guys could make using clip art and print out.

    • Of course it’s not a “real” spell card. Regardless of what it was printed on or how yours was printed it still was a special thing given to cast members. I think it’s neat either way. Looks a lot better than clip art to me.

    • Thank you Laura. For your next critique, please give us the facts on Santa Clause, The Easter Bunny, and Jesus. We all wait with baited breath.

      • As I worked for Research Field Operations Team of Consumer Insights for Disney Parks and Resorts for seven years and received this card in the original meeting this was unveiled in, I’m pretty sure I know what I am talking about.

      • OH, I just realized that was a totally different Laura that posted the original comment. I am a different Laura…silly me. That Laura must work in the offices. I worked in the parks field team actually gathering the research from our guests.

  2. The poem at the bottom is one word away from Thumper’s Mighty Thump, saying “research” instead of “thumping.” It also has the same point values and color scheme.

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