Giveaways Galore! 3/25/13


In just a couple of days marks the 1 year anniversary of!  I can’t be happier with how far we’ve come in such a short amount of time.  To celebrate we’ll be doing a series of giveaways throughout the week.  Unopened packs, pins, booster packs and a few other surprises not just limited to SotMK merchandise!  I know what some of you are thinking, I don’t use Twitter!  All of your giveaways are on Twitter!  Well don’t fret, I’ll be expanding the giveaway to the Facebook fan page as well!  However my advice to you is to follow us both on Twitter & like us on Facebook to double your chances!  Today at 5PM EST I will post info about the first giveaway to both Twitter & the Facebook page.

Good luck to all and thanks for the support!

For real-time SotMK updates be sure to follow us on Twitter and join our Facebook Fan Page.  Also check out SotMK Helpers a Facebook group dedicated to helping Sorcerers everywhere!

7 thoughts on “Giveaways Galore! 3/25/13

  1. Is it possible that we will see a MNSSHP Card as one of the prizes? It’s the last card I need to complete my set!!

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