There’s Always Room For One More 8/30/2013


With Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party just under two weeks away, SotMK fans are hoping that an exclusive spell card will materialize…  I am very excited to say that it will indeed!  From what I’ve been hearing this years MNSSHP spell card will feature THE HAUNTED MANSION!  While I am not sure which characters will appear, I would expect the Hitchhiking Ghosts or either The Hat Box Ghost.  Also the card should read 03/P & feature the sun symbol just as the cards from the previous parties.  Expect the card to be distributed in the same fashion as last year, wristband and ticket required no exceptions.

I am really looking forward to this card, heck maybe even the SotMK haters will be after this one.

Hurry baaaaaaack…

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4 thoughts on “There’s Always Room For One More 8/30/2013

  1. Yesterday my husband and I saw a cast member casting a card that casted the crystal ball from haunted mansion. We asked if that was the new Halloween Party card and they said yes. We didnt get to see the front.

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