New Page 7/5/12

Hey everyone be sure to check out the new page for some links to a few podcasts, FB groups and pages!  They’ve been very helpful to me and they offer some great content that I’m sure you’d enjoy!  Also there is a vinylmation/pin trading event at the Contemporary tomorrow evening which myself and a bunch of other Sorcerers will be attending.  If you’re in town and would like to join us, here is a link for all the info!

Master Sorcerer Pin to be sold in late 2012

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Readers Choice 6/28/12

With rumors of expanding the spell card library, the possibilities are endless.  I can’t help but wonder which route they’ll go.  Personally I’d love to see more classic Disney characters and I’d totally geek out over a Roger Rabbit card or anyone from the catalog of Disney Afternoon characters.  Even cards incorporating attractions would be a neat idea.  I’d be OK with pretty much anything as long there isn’t a Duffy spell card.  That’s where I’m drawing the line.

What about you, what would you like to see? Take the poll and leave a comment.  Who would be your pick to save the Kingdom?!?

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The Next TCG? 6/18/12

The Blue Fairy equal to Buzz Lightyear?

Like most people I really had no clue what the numbers on the spell cards mean.  At first I thought it had something to do with the strategy behind the game.  Since we’ve come to find out that isn’t the case.  My best guess is that the game was designed as a possible home game in the future.  With rumors of extending the spell card library and the possible sale of booster packs on the horizon this makes sense.  With the popularity of games like Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, & Magic The Gathering it’s only natural for Disney to follow suit with SOTMK.  Just imagine a SOTMK Tournament filling one of the convention halls at the Contemporary.  Families booking specific trips to WDW just to participate in these tournaments.  That would be hilarious to me.  I get a kick out of some the sorcerers as it is, between the guy with the custom-made sorcerers crest ring or the guy who walks around with a wand I don’t know who is crazier.  However the one thing I find really funny is that Buzz Lightyear & The Blue Fairy have equal values.  Attack, Boost & Shield it’s all 2’s across the board.  You mean to tell me that a Space Ranger is the same as a Fairy, no way!  Regardless of that possible error SOTMK seems like the perfect candidate to join the growing list trading card games.

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Replacing A Classic 6/11/12

This replaced the poster for Snow White’s Scary Adventures

Over the weekend a SOTMK poster replaced the once previously displayed Snow White’s Scary Adventures.  As much as I defend SOTMK, I do not believe that this was an acceptable replacement of such a classic attraction.  With such a wide variety of attractions to choose from why go this route?  Even though I believe SOTMK is a great product I do not feel that it deserves a poster in the train station.  For example why not choose something in Storybook Circus?  You have a fantastic and growing area in Storybook Circus that will be showcasing such an immersive interactive queue in Dumbo.  That should garner some attention!  Despite the area being new, the attraction on its own has the nostalgic appeal that makes it deserving of having a poster in the train station.  I know it’s just a poster and as cool looking as it is I just don’t believe it should be showcased among Splash Mountain,  Big Thunder, Space Mountain & Tea Cups.  Yes, even the Tea Cups, sorry guys.

Special thanks to Kendra for the pic, follow her @hintofspy on Twitter.  She’s awesome!

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Tomorrowland Portals 5/30/12

Probably not going to happen, for now at least.

With all the rumors flying around that portals are making their way into Tomorrowland I decided to investigate these claims.  Some people have gone as far as to say they’ve already been built.  So instead of telling them they’re full of it I checked it out for myself.  As I expected there was absolutely nothing to see, however I did snap a few photos of areas where portals could possibly appear.  Personally I’d rather not see any portals in Tomorrowland despite the potential of a Tron based adventure.  Now that would be fan boy dream come true.

Merchant of Venus Window

An open area in the back of the Tomorrowland Arcade

Some have speculated this area as well, using one of the posters as portal.

Those are the few that stuck out to me.  Honestly I just don’t see it happening.  I’d much rather see portals expanded into New Fantasyland as they have a clean slate to work with.  I’m sure there will be some expansion in the future I’m just hoping it stays away from Sonny Eclipse.

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Pleasant Surprise 5/22/12

I arrived at MK much later than I wanted to and ended up staying longer as well however it was worth it.  When I arrived I was starting on Main Street and to my surprise I saw Imagineer Jonathan Ackley.  I immediately approached him and introduced myself and he couldn’t have been nicer.  There were so many questions I wanted to ask him however I restrained myself so he could carry on with his day.  I did however mention to him that it would be nice to see the medium/hard levels return and he replied “Maybe someday your dreams will come true.”  I chuckled and left it at that, so I guess we’ll see what happens!  I will say it was pretty neat to see one of the minds behind SOTMK out and about checking on things.

As cool as that was my day got even better.  After crowning Tortuga Tavern as the worst portal yesterday I have to say maybe it’s not that bad.  I happened to be playing in Adventureland around 5pm and was assigned to that portal.  When I arrived I took notice of a trader getting set up for the evening.  She had a monster stack of cards as well as a couple of vinylmations.  After I took my turn I asked her if there were any cards that she needed, and it ended up she was only looking for betas which unfortunately I did not have on me.  We got to talking, and I have to say she is probably one the nicest and coolest people I have ever met while playing this game.  She is one of those nice folks that will sit around in Tortuga not just to trade, but will give away card after card to random people.  Which I have to say is one of the best parts about this game.  There’s nothing better than giving away cards to new players.  Yeah you’ll run into some jerks but there are some very kind people and sadly those are the ones that get lost in the shuffle.  We also got to talking about vinylmation, which I am a total newbie at, and she had some great insight and gave me some good advice for which I was very thankful.  I was telling her how I am into collecting the Park Series Vinyls and was needing 1 particular one from the Park 8 series and every time I purchased a new Park 8 I would end up getting that same one over and over and it had become frustrating.  She asked which one I was looking for, then proceeded to reach into her bag and gave it to me.  I had nothing to trade, nothing to give her, and she expected nothing in return.  I couldn’t believe it, she totally made my day.  So thanks again Christin, it was great to meet you and I’ll be sure to get you that #5 Beta the next time I see ya!

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And The Winner Is… 5/21/12

Don’t mind me I’m just going to battle evil while you enjoy your nachos.

It came down to the wire but the recipient of The Stinkiest Portal Award is Tortuga Tavern.  It came as no surprise to me and I was very happy to see the Emporium finish in a close second with Agrabah Bazzar rounding out the competition.  The number one complaint I received about this portal is that it’s in a dining location.  Not only is it in a seating area it’s also near the restrooms so you’ll almost always get people walking in front of you while you’re trying to cast spells.  When the portal is busy the line backs up to the topping bar and ends up blocking it and the rear seating area.  What makes matters worse is that you are supposed to line up out the side door to prevent that from happening.  However no one ever follows directions and the line always ends up backing up to the topping bar.  So if you’re trying stuff your burrito, you might as well grab some of Tiana’s Hot Sauce and get in line.

Many will argue that it is only bad during the lunch rush but I’m sorry that simply is not the case.  You have issues in the later hours when the trading madness ensues.  I’ve experienced Tortuga a few times in the late hours and have had good and bad experiences.  I received a few emails over the weekend from folks telling me why they voted for TT.  One reader said “The people who wanted to trade with us were too pushy” and described the atmosphere as “overwhelming”  There were a handful of positive comments as well, another reader said “We met a nice couple there, they gave our son a stack of cards for nothing and he couldn’t have been happier.”  As nice as that was to hear,  I do agree that it is very overwhelming.  Imagine yourself as a first time sorcerer and there are people approaching you left and right to trade.  That’s a lot to take in for some folks.

Can we make this location better?  It’s possible.  Of course It’s not going to move out of the restaurant, but we can do our part to fix some problems.  It starts with the line, If a CM asks you to line up out the side door, listen to them.  They’re just trying to their job, they need to keep the area clean, refill toppings, empty the trash, etc.  Remember first and foremost it’s a restaurant people are eating, let them get to the condiments, napkins, & utensils.  Finally, If people don’t want to trade, just leave it at that.  There are plenty of locals, CM’s, and regulars that will trade with you.  There’s no need to be pushy.  This is supposed to be fun for everybody, right?

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Pumbaa’s Odorous Gas Presents: The Stinkiest Portal Award 5/15/12


Having played SOTMK so many times I’ve grown to dislike three specific portals.  Those being Agrabah Bazzar, Emporium, & Tortuga Tavern.  They each have their own specific qualities which makes them all deserving of this prestigious award.  However the choice is yours my fellow Sorcerers which of these stinkers deserves this putrid honor!

If you could please take the poll below and next Monday I’ll reveal the winner!

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Is It Just Me? 5/14/12

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve found that the portals in Frontierland have become very problematic.  It appears every time I bring an issue to someones attention no one has an answer as to why it happens, which seems to be a common theme surrounding SOTMK.  The most common issue I’ve experienced is that I’ll finish a battle and instead of the graphic telling me which portal to go to next, the portal will simply close.  Now I understand it’s not that big of an issue because you can just swipe your key again and it will tell you where to go.  However that hasn’t been the case a few times.  There have been instances where the portal closes and I go to swipe my key again and for some reason it repeats the same battle.  This however has only occurred during the final adventure against Hades.   As it may not seem like a big deal to some, think about the people waiting in line behind you.  Every time a portal closes without telling you where to go, it’s just more time you’re eating up at that location.  If it happens to reset your battle it makes the wait even longer.  I’ve also noticed that when the system is having issues at the Firehouse or Liberty Square distribution areas it affects the portals as well.  So if you’re hearing that people were unable to get their spell cards at a certain time of the day you can expect to encounter some sort of issue while playing.

I also had an experience in which the Adventureland portals were down, as a result of this I decided to cut my day short.  To my surprise the next day I found myself starting the finale.  After completing the finale I went to get reset behind the Christmas shop only to be told I still had to battle Scar, Yzma, & Jafar.  I was told that while the Adventureland portals were inactive once you had completed the 5 villains you were sent to the finale.  However since they were active that day it did not show that I had completed them and was told if I wanted another pack of spell cards I needed to finish those battles.   It didn’t really bother me however I can see how this would upset another guest.

I wonder what is causing all these issues?  Has anyone else had this happen to them?  I can’t be the only one, let me know what kind of problems you’ve experienced.

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Thanks! 5/11/12

I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has emailed, left comments, followed on Twitter, & liked us on Facebook.  I appreciate all the kind words and enjoy meeting those of you who are reading the blog.  I’d like to organize some sort of meetup in the coming weeks, so if anyone has any ideas leave a comment, post on the FB fan page or hit me up on twitter.  Hopefully we can throw something together soon.  Thanks again and have a great weekend!

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