Booster Blues 1/15/13

With the Emporium’s stock of SotMK Booster Packs being readily available, Sorcerers are scooping them up left and right.  Even better news is that the packs have also been seen in Sir Mickeys.  I have yet to see them anywhere besides the Emporium and Sir Mickeys however I have heard from a source that hotel gift shops should have them available soon.  As wonderful as that is it appears there is some bad news that has come with this recent overload of stock.  There are several reports of Sorcerers purchasing Booster Packs only to find that the pack does not include a coveted 61-70 spell card.

smk227844SMALLAs you can see in the photo above the packaging it clearly states that one super rare card is included.  On the top it also reads “All Sales Final.  No Refunds.  Exchanges or returns.”  You’re probably asking, what if this happens to me?  What if my pack was tampered with by Hades?  Here’s my suggestion,  ask for a manager at the location you’ve purchased them at and explain the situation.  If that doesn’t get you anywhere calmly head to Guest Relations and go from there.  As for those who are purchasing them on the secondary market like eBay…  Buyer beware!

Good luck Sorcerers!

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Hello Sorcerers! 1/14/13

Hello there Sorcerers!

First of all I’d like to extend my deepest apologies for the lack of updates recently.  It appears Hades has not only been wreaking havoc on the Magic Kingdom but he’s sidetracked me as well!  So thank you for being patient and continuing to check out the blog!  We’ve been working on making updates to the various pages on the site and in the coming days there will be several new posts filled with tips and maybe even a rumor or two!

Thanks again for your continued support and best of luck in your journey to save the Magic Kingdom!

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Reader Questions 10/11/12

Plenty of SotMK Power Up T-Shirts are available. These pictured were for sale at Sir Mickey’s in Fantasyland. $24.95 for Adults & $19.95 for Kids.

I’ve received a lot of emails as of late, and as much I would love to respond to each one I unfortunately just don’t have the time.  However I would like to touch on a few that I think would be the most beneficial to all SotMK fans.

When do SotMK Booster Packs come out? 

SotMK Booster Packs are arguably the hottest piece of Disney Parks merchandise at the moment.  Unfortunately there is no specific timelines or dates as to when they are in stock.  Instead of blistering poor CM’s at the Emporium my best advice to those inquiring is to follow us on Twitter as we post any and all info regarding the sale of Boosters there.

I am not local to WDW and don’t get to the parks often.  Is there anywhere I can trade with others in an online forum?

Yes, there certainly is!  I would recommend joining SotMK Helpers on Facebook.

We started playing on our last trip and I noticed we have some beta cards, should we sell them, keep them? Is it even worth trying to complete a set of betas?

It’s all about personal preference.  If you’re really into the collecting aspect hold on to them.  Of course its worth it to try to complete the set.  As hard as the beta cards are to find there are many people who would be more than willing to trade and help you complete your set.

Where do you get those spellbooks?

Let it be known I am not a fan of the trapper keeper.  If you’re going to create your own “Spellbook” I would recommend using Amazon and searching “4 pocket card album”.  They are perfect for SotMK.

When is hard mode coming back online?

As of right now only the medium level is active.  However it is still on a test basis, and I was told it could be turned off at anytime.

If you’re looking for more FAQ be sure to visit the Getting Started, Gameplay, & Tech Support tabs at the top of the page!

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FAQ Coming Soon! 9/3/12

Hey Folks!

Just a quick heads up that we are going to add a FAQ page to the site in the next day or two.  A friend of the blog Darren has put together an excellent series of Frequently Asked Questions that is bound to help Sorcerers of all levels!  In addition to that we are really close to reaching 500 followers on our Twitter feed!  With that said a big welcome and thank you to everyone who has joined!  As promised, as soon as we reach 500 Followers I will be selecting one Twitter follower at random to receive 22 unopened packs of spell cards which will contain one of each star card!

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Thanks for reading!

Buyer Beware 8/27/12

As expected there are a few SotMK Booster Packs that have made their way on eBay.  However I spotted one seller who is going a step further and trying to pass off the new cut of cards 61-70 on eBay as ones that were only available during testing.  If you visit the link you’ll see that is clearly false.  As you can see in the photos below the difference between a beta card and the ones currently available now. (Beta Left & Non Beta Right)

As you’ll see the seller is trying to pass off the cards as beta which is clearly not the case due to their sharper corners.  Although the seller does not distinctly say they are “beta” cards they do say:

“You are bidding on an extremely RARE card that is used in playing the exciting new game called Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. This game is played at Walt Disney World in the Magic Kingdom park. Cards #61-#70 were only distributed during the testing phase of the game.”

Thus trying to make it sound more valuable than they actually are.  If you’re going to purchase cards be careful, don’t fall for listings like these!

***As of Today 8/30/12 the seller has since update their listings to reflect that they came from booster packs.***

***9/12/12 There are no listings from this seller.

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The Final Hour 7/30/12

Seeing that the easy mode lockdown is still in effect, the repeatability of SOTMK has gone down considerably.  Especially if you’re an experienced Sorcerer I can understand your frustration with the game in its current format.  However here’s a tip for those out there looking to break the monotony.  If you’re able to play in the evening hours, specifically one hour prior to park close you’ll have access to the villain sidekick battles.  These extra scenes make a world of difference in the overall game play and in moving the story line.  Although I have seen these extra scenes pop up at various times throughout the day, I can only confirm they are all active one hour prior to park close.  With that in mind I highly recommend taking sometime in the evening to give it a try!

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I Love This 7/3/12

I always enjoy reading other bloggers perspectives on SOTMK.  Especially coming from those who enjoy it as much as I do.  When I created that poll about what spell cards you’d want to see in the future, a certain blogger hit the nail right on the head!  I wanted to share this link to a post from the Main Street Gazette.  They wrote a really nice piece in regards to what SOTMK cards they’d like to see created and went into great detail as well.  I know there’s definitely a few cards on that list I’d absolutely love to see!  Be sure to check them out at and follow them on Twitter as well!

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Don’t Wait 6/26/12

Last week I posted an article entitled Pace Yourself with some helpful tips to guide you through your adventure in saving the Magic Kingdom.  One thing I forgot to mention was to always finish the Fantasyland battles first.  With the relocation of the finale to Frontierland, you now only have to battle Ursula & Maleficent in Fantasyland.  The reason you want to complete this land first is because you won’t be able to access the portals in the evening hours before and after wishes.  Which is roughly a 2 hour window.  The reason for this is that location behind the castle is a fireworks fall out area.  To avoid this kindly ask a CM either at the Firehouse or Christmas Shoppe to relocate you to a Fantasyland adventure.  If you’re polite and explain to them that you’d simply like to finish those adventures before wishes you shouldn’t have a problem.  There’s nothing worse than only having one battle to go before the finale and not being able to get it done!

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Pace Yourself 6/21/12

With summer crowds starting to pour in at the Magic Kingdom you can expect to have longer waits while playing SOTMK.  Here are a few tips that should allow you to have a better experience while trying to save the Kingdom!

  • Play early in the day

If for some reason SOTMK is your main focus for the day, start playing at rope drop.  The portals are will be fairly empty especially in Adventureland & Frontierland.  This will allow you to get in and out of Tortuga before the lunch rush, and get through all the Frontierland portals without being interrupted by the parade.

  • Take breaks

In case you aren’t aware it’s crazy hot in the summer time.  No matter how badly you want to power through and save the Magic Kingdom, it’s imperative you take a break every now and then.  I’ve seem plenty of families have total meltdowns because they don’t realize that you have to defeat all nine villains before you complete the game.  It’s a lot of walking and a lot of back and forth from one land to the next.  Go on an attraction, watch a show, stop and grab a dole whip.  There’s no need to run yourself or your family ragged trying to beat the game on a busy day.

  • Use a map

I don’t know how many times I’ve witnessed people wait in a line that’s 10 people deep only to find out they are at the wrong portal.  There’s absolutely no shame in using the map, it was designed to help you.  If you’re not sure where you are supposed to go ask a CM or another person in line.  There are enough locals playing that know where everything else and should be more than willing to help you.

  • Listen during your tutorial

I can’t stress enough how important it is to listen to the CM who is giving you the tutorial.  I understand that everyone is excited but if you just take the time to follow directions it will make for a much more pleasant gaming experience.

Hopefully these tips will make for a better experience while battling Hades and his evil doers!

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Trustworthy Traders 6/20/12

Although it can feel overwhelming in Tortuga Tavern with the traders.  It can at times be a pleasant experience.  As I’ve mentioned before there are a couple Facebook groups that you can join to get a feel for the trading community.   In addition to the Facebook group run by friend of the blog Martin SOTMK Helpers which I believe has a fair amount of locals.  There is also a larger group run by a nice fella named David SOTMK Group.  That seems to have coordinated lots of trades without issue.  If you’re able to get to the parks often I’ve met some great people in Tortuga that are there on a regular basis.  Specifically Bret, Christin, Darren & Martin to name a few.  They’re super cool and very easy to work with when it comes to trading and are also more than willing to help people finish their decks anyway they can.  So check out those groups and be on the look out for those folks while in Tortuga.  Despite all the crazies rest assured that there are truly are some wonderful people in the SOTMK community.

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