Getting Started

What is Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom?

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom is an interactive attraction.  Merlin recruits you to help him retrieve the four missing crystal pieces lost by Hades henchmen, Pain and Panic.  They were attempting to steal the Crystal of the Magic Kingdom.  Merlin attempted to stop them, but the crystal was broken to stop Pain and Panic from getting the crystal.  Due to the loss of the crystal as a whole, Merlin needs your help in protecting the Magic Kingdom while you battle villains recruited by Hades.

Where do I sign up?

Visit one of two kiosk stations.  The main kiosk station is the Fire House next to Guest Relations on Main Street at City Hall.  The second kiosk is behind Old Ye Christmas Shoppe in Liberty Square. It is next to the character greeting area for The Princess and the Frog.

How do I sign up?

Present your park ticket to the cast member at a kiosk and the cast member will assign a portal key to your park ticket.  You are then given a pack of cards and a map of all the portal locations with corresponding symbols.  The cast member will then train you on how to use the spell cards in a pack.

When can I pick up a pack?

You can pick up a single pack between official park opening and one hour before official park closing.  You can also pick up another pack when you beat Hades and Merlin congratulates you.

How many cards are in a pack?

There are five cards in a pack.  The packs usually come with one star card and a variation of crescent moon cards and planet cards.  There are some packs which will not have a star card.  The star card is not guaranteed.

How many cards are there total?

There are a total of seventy cards at this time.

How are the types of cards broken down?

The card types are broken down in the following order: The star cards are one through twenty-two.  The crescent moons are twenty-three through forty.  The planet cards are forty-one through sixty.  The lightning cards are sixty-one through seventy. Only one through sixty are being distributed free at the kiosk stations.

Why only sixty?

Before the Disney Park blog announcement, it was unknown at the time.  Since the announcement, it was stated the last ten will be available for purchase sometime in August as part of a home board game.

What is special about the other ten cards?

Cards sixty-one through seventy are only available for purchase.

What is the price to purchase the home game with the cards?

The sale price is $11.95 US. Tax is not included.

Is there not a seventy-one card?

There is not an official seventy-one card.  The unofficial seventy-one card is a cast member card.  It is a 5×7 card which was given to the cast members who worked on the attraction or worked during the official opening.

Does the cast member card work on the portals?

The cast member card does not work on the portals.

Can I trade for or purchase this card?

Most cast members who have this card will not trade this card.  However, according to Disney rules, cast members are not allowed to sell or trade the card.

When did this attraction open?

The official opening was February 22, 2012.

When do the card distribution areas close?

They close one hour before the park officially closes during regular hours.

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