Quick Tips


Here’s a few quick tips to help in your quest to becoming a Master Sorcerer!

  • Fantasyland is blocked off 1 hour before & after Wishes 
  • Avoid playing during parades, it will make it difficult to reach certain portals
  • If card distribution is packed at the Firehouse, take the walk to the Liberty Square location
  • Make sure everyone in your party obtains spell cards, even if you’re only going to have 1 player in your group
  • Don’t block the camera from other while waiting use etiquette and manners with your fellow sorcerers, stand in line and wait your turn
  • Pay attention and use your map, you don’t want to end up in a long line and realize you’re at the wrong portal.
  • Stand on the circle of power, it’s there for a reason
  • If you’re a newer player, get to know your fellow sorcerers while waiting in lines at portals most will offer help to those in need
  • Looking to trade? Tortuga Tavern in Adventureland has become an unofficial trading spot for sorcerers!

19 thoughts on “Quick Tips

  1. Any tips for getting the camera to recognize the card? I found myself walking in circles around Main Street because I could never get them to work. Are you supposed to hold them up facing forward or backward? Do you have to wave them around when you hold them up or just stand there? What height is best?

    • Hold the cards at chest height. Depending on the scene you might have to use the Sorcerers crest which is the back of the spell card or the front of the spell card. Just pay attention to the prompts on the screen.

      • Some of the portals were a little screwy on my recent visit. Multiple people had trouble getting the Tortuga portal to work at all, the Frontierland wanted poster worked @ about 75% and the riverboat portal was 50/50. I did figure out that the direct sun the morning I started on Main St was likely the source of my problems there.

        I, personally, had trouble getting portals to notice multiple cards, so I didn’t get to see many cool combos (whenever I used Eve, it always registered her card but, not the other!)

        There’s nothing like standing in line to fail so you can try again at a better portal.

        So, any tips for squirrely portals?

  2. Are you supposed to hold the card still or wave it around?

    Why do the spells sometimes show up as what they are (snow, lightning, etc) and sometimes they just say that the enemy has been weakened?

    • No, just hold the card still.

      They say that the enemy has been weakened during the medium and hard levels. It’s basically a way of telling you that you haven’t chosen the correct spell or that its not strong enough to defeat the villain.

    • The circle is there to help you locate the portal and ensure you are an appropriate distance from the portal for it to recognize your spell cards. Your chair should not be an issue.

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