This blog is in no way affiliated with Walt Disney World or the Disney Company in anyway shape or form. 

Any rumors posted are just that, we are in the parks just about everyday and anything posted here are just things we’ve heard from those who claim to have inside connections.  Just take everything with a grain of salt…


6/7/12 Per Steven Miller Merchandising Communications Manager of WDW T-Shirts & Official Spellbooks are in development.  Also they are exploring different ways to release cards 61-70.

4/11/12  2 New Portals in Fantasyland are completed and will open with the expansion to alleviate the congestion behind the castle. Tomorrowland portals are a go, there’s no confirmation on the villains yet,  although Gantu & Zurg are the ones swirling around.   Changes are expected to be coming to the game in the next few weeks.  I don’t believe this to be true however I’ll be keeping my eyes and ears open.      Per Jonathan Ackley via the Disney Parks Blog Live Chat on 6/6/12 there is nothing planned for those areas

3/30/12 I bugged another manager at the Firehouse today who told me specifically the Easy Lockdown is due to control lines, and apparently there is glitch on the medium/hard levels that they’re “working on” (what a coincidence).  He couldn’t confirm anything about the summer months so we’ll see.

3/30/12 A female merchandise CM who was playing today told me cards 61-140 will be start being sold in “booster packs” sometime in April.  I don’t believe it, but I hope she’s right.

3/29/12 EASY MODE LOCKDOWN TO STAY TIL EASTER AT THE VERY LEAST.  One CM told me that it’s possible to expect it through the summer months as well.  I noticed when I picked up my spell cards today there were sticky notes by the computers that said “NO LEVEL UP TO MEDIUM OR HARD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE”

Ops CM’s are at portals taking data to determine just how long on average a guest is at a portal.  This I witnessed with my own 2 eyes today, I wasn’t able to get much of the CM.  However I was told this:  The idea queue ropes are being tossed around, as well as possible wait time signage.  As there is typically almost always long waits at the Fantasyland portals which is due to their close proximity to one another.

Booster packs will be sold soon to include cards 61-70 as well as other cards that will only be available for purchase.  CONFIRMED Booster Packs to be released at the Emporium on 8/17.

An RFID Sorcerers Key chain will be sold as an option to replace the RFID Key Card

Cards 61-70 are still in rotation, we’ve heard anywhere from every 100 packs, 150 packs, 200 cards…

2 New portals will open in the fantasyland expansion, villains to be Gaston & Snow Queen

2 New portals will open in Tomorrowland, villains to be Gantu & Zurg.  In addition to this we were told this by a higher level CM, “Since the attraction officially opened on Feb. 22nd right before the spring break rush, portals were left out of as of right now so it doesn’t cause a capacity issue.  Considering the draw that Buzz Lightyear & Space Mountain are, ops wants to give that area a break.”

IMO, that makes sense given especially that the attraction is a home run.

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