Spell Combos


As someone who has played the game a tremendous amount for a long while, I have figured out a lot of combos that work well together.
Now I won’t get into detail with what combos can help defeat what villains.  I will however list some spell card combos that are most effective.


Eve/Wall E

Baloo/Mowgli/Colonel Hathi

Tiana/Prince Naveen

Snow White/Grumpy

Fairy Godmother/Headless Horseman


After checking some of those out, you’ll see what I am getting at…


16 thoughts on “Spell Combos

  1. Frozone’s Ice Blast and Violet’s Force Fields is a kick-butt combo. I tried using Dash’s Whirlwind with it too but the animation for that kinda got lost under everything else.

  2. I cannot wait to return and try the game again, only this time armed with the knowledge I have gained from your great website. Keep up the good work.

  3. Is there some sort of rule of thumb that, say a Warrior works better with a Mystic or a Machine is better paired with a Monster?

  4. I was told to forget all about the ‘combos’ and like animations and to look toward the ‘attack modes’ instead if you want to beat the villains in the higher levels

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