Think About It 1/16/13

As it is not usually in Disney’s character to leave money on the table.  My initial thought was that Disney missed the boat by not integrating a 2nd spell card series when booster packs were launched this past August.  However the more I thought about it they obviously made the right decision.  After the grand opening in February SotMK had already garnered a decent following, albeit mostly Disneyana collectors looking for the next big thing to horde or profit.  The focus had quickly shifted from the game itself to the spell cards.

After the temporary retirement of cards 61-70 from the free daily spell packs and no news of if and when they were to return.  It was only a matter of time until eBay was the only place to get them.  With a steady average of selling at $100+ per lightning bolt I could only assume that Disney had to realize they were onto something and knew they could profit.  So there was the announcement, cards 61-70 would be available for purchase via a 7 card booster pack in which only one lightning bolt would be included.  The other 6 would include a variation of cards available in the free packs given out at the Firehouse or Liberty Square.  In addition to the cards, a home game was also introduced.

Although most fans were initially very excited many were left disappointed at the lack luster and extremely confusing home game portion.  Although the game boards & card checklist were a nice touch.  The home game itself is terrible.  But we’ll save that for another day.  As I said earlier I did feel that the booster pack launch would have been a tremendous avenue for them to introduce a new series of cards.  I realized it’s just too soon for that, the game isn’t even a year old.  It hasn’t reached a large enough audience.  Think about it, the booster packs aren’t for the “Veteran Sorcerer” or AP that goes multiple times a week.  Don’t get me wrong most of us needed them to complete our sets and yes the main draw is the lightning bolt card.  However the booster pack is really targeting the family who is just returning a year after its launch, heard about it online, or only visits WDW once maybe twice a year.  They need to time to catch up.  Disney knows that those guests can’t rely on the free packs to compete one set.  As I am sure most kids want their own set of cards they need those booster packs.  I’m sure the numbers don’t lie, the SotMK Booster Packs have got to be some of the most sought after theme park merchandise.

Do I think we’ll see a 2nd spell card series?  Absolutely.  Give it time.

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