Got Beta? 6/19/12

Notice how the card on the right has a little tab near the bottom right corner.

It appears there is still some confusion as to what a beta card is and how people can get them.  Unfortunately they are highly sought after by collectors and can be difficult to obtain. The beta cards were distributed during some parts of testing, soft openings, & early in the official launch.  As a result of them being discontinued and having a high demand people are starting to counterfeit them.

Here are some characteristics to look for in a beta.  First is the obvious larger rounded corners.  Another being the color of the image, the beta cards seemed to of used a higher quality ink that made the colors appear darker.  Also the card stock they were printed on is a bit thicker and more durable than the cards currently available.  Finally if you take a close look at the bottom or top of a newer card you’ll see a little tab where the cards were pulled from the sheet after printing.

Although I have yet to see a fake first hand I’ve heard from others that people are simply hand cutting corners of the new cards trying to pass them off as betas.  Considering there are people faking pins & vinyls this shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone.  So as always be cautious when trading and if you’re not sure don’t take the risk.

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Round Em Up! 5/2/12

If you purchase this item, you are simply an idiot.

Yes there is an actual eBay listing for a deck of 1-70 with round corners for the low price of $4500. <sarcasm>

I do realize that this is just the asking price and the seller is considering offers and that they most likely won’t get that amount.  However let’s think about the track record on eBay for SOTMK cards.  As of today the Cast Member card has sold on 2 separate occasions for $699.99 & $510.00.  On average cards 61-70 are going for $100+.  Decks of 1-60 are being sold from $150-$300, Apprentice Mickey is going for $20+, & other star cards are going for $10+.  So yes there are people out that are willing to spend.  Given the recent listings of the 61-70 I would say the market value for this auction is around $1200.  Then again what I do know, someone might think this is great deal.

Here’s the bad part about this auction.  In addition to the obvious greed surrounding free cards.  There’s the emphasis on the “value” of the round corners.  Yes they are the older,  and for regulars that play SOTMK they are collectible.  In my opinion the seller has set a precedent with this auction by inflating the value of the round corners thus they’re going to be even harder to acquire.  People will simply start hoarding them like they do with Apprentice Mickey.  Thinking that they’ve found gold and they’re going to strike it rich.  For those still seeking rounded corner cards it’s going to be even tougher now and that’s a shame.

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WHAT?!? 5/1/12

I was doing my daily surfing on eBay when I came across this monstrosity.


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